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Criminal Defense
Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

A Continued Commitment to Safeguarding Your Future

I am Sean Hampton, and I founded my law firm, Sean F. Hampton, Attorney at Law, to help Gulf Coast residents protect their futures. For some, criminal charges may be the biggest threat to their future that they will ever face. Employment status, relationships with loved ones, financial well-being, rights and freedoms – all of these are at stake when criminal charges loom.

I have more than 10 years of experience advocating on behalf of my clients across a broad spectrum of matters. If you have been arrested or are otherwise facing criminal charges in the Mobile, Alabama, metro, call me.

Aggressive Defense for Drunk Driving Offenses

Alabama has one of the country’s 10 highest DUI fatality rates, leading to advanced vigilance by local law enforcement to keep our roads safe. In the name of public safety, however, sometimes individual rights take a backseat despite the best intentions. Your rights deserve to be protected, and my legal team and I will fight to make sure that they are.

Protecting Your Future Against Drug Crime Charges

The stigma associated with drug charges can stick with you for life. I understand what’s on the line, and I will fight to maintain your reputation and your freedom in court.

I can represent you in an array of drug-related matters, including the possession and distribution of:

  • Schedule I drugs, such as marijuana, heroin and LSD

  • Schedule II drugs, such as meth, cocaine and fentanyl

  • Schedule III drugs, such as codeine and anabolic steroids

  • Schedule IV drugs, such as Xanax and Valium

  • Drug paraphernalia

I can also represent you in matters relating to driving while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

Don't let a criminal charge threaten your future. Turn to us for fierce defense representation.

Protecting Your Good Name Through Expungement

A criminal charge on your record can negatively affect your job prospects and paint an unfair picture of you to anyone reviewing your background. An expungement can help reduce the lifelong impacts of a criminal charge. I work closely with Gulf Coast residents to determine whether their records are eligible for expunction and help them pursue the correct, most efficient avenues for setting aside a conviction.

Get Experienced Courtroom Representation

My legal team and I begin preparing a zealous defense as soon as we understand the details of your case. Although I strive to resolve legal matters without the unease of a public trial, I prepare for every case as if it will go to trial. This approach is reflected in more than 10 years of positive results in criminal defense.

Call us or email me to schedule your first consultation.